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MS-CIT New Center Registration Process 2022

Five Year Assurance Plan (January 2022 to December 2026)

  1. Once Applicant Organization (AO) become MS-CIT ALC then MKCL will give 5 years assurance to that ALC.
    1. Purpose for giving 5 years Assurance to ALC
      • To give enough time for long term business planning
      • To create perpetual Business Development
      • To create sustainable Business Model
      • To create ALC Setup with all facilities
      • To create ALC Brand Name in their local area
      • To focus on long term Business association with potential learners & MKCL
  2. Advantages of Five Year Assurance Plan:
    • ALC will get conditional approval to run MKCL Courses for consecutive five years.
    • With this feature, ALC will get an assurance to get renewed for next four years, irrespective of fulfillment of admission criteria & other performance criteria.
  3. Five Year Assurance Plan is subject to fulfillment of following conditions:
    • ALC will have to follow the renewal conditions stipulated by MKCL from time to time.
    • ALC has to pay Security Deposit for five consecutive years.
      1. ALC compulsorily need to pay Security Deposit amount while getting renewed for the year 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2026.
      2. During next five year, if ALC fails or delayed to pay Security Deposit within due time then his/her Authorization will get canceled automatically for remaining period.
      3. Security deposit amount will be communicated time to time by MKCL.
      4. MKCL reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice and MKCL shall not be liable to anyone for any such modification/s