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Additional Benefits to MS-CIT ALC (Authorized Learning Center)

Following Offering will be available to MS-CIT Authorized Learning Center (ALC)

Sr. No. Course/Track Course Fee (INR)
1 MS-CIT (Maharashtra State Certificate In Information Technology) - MMRDA Region Rs. 4,500/-
2 MS-CIT (Maharashtra State Certificate In Information Technology) - Rest of Maharashtra Rs. 4,000/-
Sr. No. Course/Track Course Fee (INR)
1 KLiC Courses – MMRDA Region Rs. 4,500/-
2 KLiC Courses - Rest of Maharashtra Rs. 4,000/-

Mastering Courses: No need to pay additional subscription fees for these courses

Offering Details
Mastering Computer Typing 1. Mastering Computer Typing (30 WPM) in English
Mastering Computer Typing 2. Mastering Computer Typing (40 WPM) in English
Mastering Computer Typing 3. Mastering Computer Typing (30 WPM) in Marathi
Mastering Computer Typing 4. Mastering Computer Typing (40 WPM) in Marathi
Mastering TET Mastering TET English/Marathi (Paper I)
Mastering TET Mastering TET English/Marathi (Paper II)
Mastering CTET Mastering CTET English (Paper I)
Mastering CTET Mastering CTET English (Paper II)
Mastering Computer Typing & Data Entry Mastering Computer Typing & Data Entry-English
Mastering Banking Mastering Banking-IBPS Clerk Exam
Mastering Scholarship For 5th & 8th Standard Students
Mastering SSC For 10th Standard Students

Potential Customers for all these offerings:

  • School Students
  • College Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Post Graduate Students
  • Professionals
  • House Wives
  • Senior Citizens

Support from MKCL

1. Marketing

Yearly Marketing Material Design from MKCL

    1. MS-CIT, KLiC Brochure and other program brochures (flyer)
      • For distribution during SSC/HSC exam event in February
      • School result event in vacation
      • To give away to enquires in a limited quantity in July
    2. Envelops for MS-CIT Certificates. These certificates will have KLiC branding on it.
    3. Social Media advertisements for various events and batches.
    4. Local Event support
    5. SMS and WhatsApp business activity for SSC and HSC students who have enrolled in various events/ eTests/SSC Practice test
    6. Voice call activity for KLiC:
      • Recorded informative call about KLiC courses will be sent to prospective customers
    7. Printed Marketing kit to new centers
      • MS-CIT & KLiC brochures
      • Posters
      • Danglers
      • Counseling Flipchart
        • For MS-CIT & KLiC counselling
      • Blank Certificates for Local events
      • Admission forms
      • Printed Send-off booklets for SSC Students to be distributed at schools
    8. Center Fascia Board Flex design
    9. Brand Guideline booklet (optional)
    10. Monthly notification from MKCL regarding marketing and promotion

  • Marketing website: www.mkcl.org/marketing
  • Footfall generating events conducted on state level.
    • Hosting online SSC result for students
    • Hosting online HSC result for collegians
    • Different eTests : Online MCQ tests for local school and college students

* The above said marketing plan and activities may vary time to time as per business scenario

* This plan may change at the discretion of MKCL

2. Advertisements

  1. Newspaper Advertisement
  2. Press releases and press conferences throughout the year
  3. Radio advertisement in mega batches Jan/March/April/July/Oct
    • In Vividh Bharati and private radio channels
  4. Television advertisements (L band) in major channels
  5. ST Stand jingle activity


  1. Regional meetings in month of December
  2. Quarterly SBU wise ALC meeting

4. Licenses

MKCL will provide the following licenses to ALCs:

  1. Windows 7/10 – 1 Server Machine
  2. Windows 10 - 10 Client Machines 
  3. MS Office 2019- 5 Client Machines 
  4. ERA-LMS (Learning Management System) Framework
  5. MKCL OES(Online Evaluation System) Framework

5. Technical Support

  1. We have support system integrated in implementation partners’ login from where s/he can raise the issues which are directed towards concerned parties in MKCL.
  2. Also there are various call centers of MKCL which receive calls for support. These support executives resolve the issue as and when they are reported and convey the status to partners through calling.

6. Academic Support

  1. The content of all the courses is provided in hard disk as well as it is available for download at specific links
  2. In addition to this there is KLiC Blog on which solution to all common issues, links for downloads, updates, etc. are available for the implementation partners
  3. We arrange virtual meet sessions in case of important communications
  4. Expert sessions for the implementation partners

7. Administration:

  1. We have channel network of RLCs, TPs, LLCs, SBUs for various technical, administrative, academic and marketing support
  2. All the documents related to course description, academic pattern of courses, and all such documents are provided to implementation partners in partner management frameworks