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Business Potential Area / Open Area

  • MKCL has finalized the Open Area list based on the following factors:
    • Existing MKCL Centers presence in that area
    • Existing MKCL Centers business catchment area
    • Business potential of that area
  • Applicant Organization (AO) can apply for MS-CIT Registration Process (NCR) from Open Area only.
  • If AO will apply from any other Area which is not Open Area (as published by MKCL) then AO’s application will not be considered in any case.
  • Applicant Organizations (AO) request to add any additional Open Area will not be considered in any condition. MKCL will finalize Open Area list based on market potential in that specific area.
  • MKCL reserves right to add/edit/delete the Open Area list at any time during the process without giving any reason.

For Open Area list, please click here