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Fee Structure:

Applicant Organization (AO) has to pay following fees to MKCL while applying for ALC:

1. Center Registration Fee of amount Rs. 13,000/-*

  • Rs. 5,000/- towards Study Material Deposit (Refundable subject to rejection)
  • Rs. 5,000/- towards Application Fee (Refundable subject to rejection)
  • Rs. 2,500/- towards Marketing Material Kit (Refundable subject to rejection)
  • Rs. 500/- towards Processing Fee (Non Refundable)

2 OnCeT Fee of amount

  • Rs. 250/- For Nomination of each Learning Facilitators (Faculties) (Non Refundable)
  • Rs. 250/- For Nomination of 1 Center Coordinator (Non Refundable)

3. Security Deposit**

  • For Urban or Semi-urban Area: Rs 1,39,000/- (Refundable subject to rejection)
  • For Rural Area: 69,500/- (Refundable subject to rejection)
  • Security Deposit is calculated for 100 MFO Admission for Urban/Semi-Urban Area and 50 MFO Admissions for Rural Area.
  • Security deposit amount may vary subjected to any change in MFO amount for MS-CIT Course fee structure

Important Points:

1. MKCL’s Fee Only (MFO)

  • ‘MKCL’s Fee Only’ (MFO) is the amount which ALC need to pay to MKCL while confirming any admission for MKCL courses. ALC has to pay only this MFO amount to MKCL and keep rest of the course fee with themselves as their share.

2. Security Deposit:

  1. This is an amount which ALC need to deposit with MKCL which they can use during the year of registration.
  2. This amount is nothing but the ‘MKCL’s Fee Only’ (MFO) amount for 100 (Urban) / 50 (Rural) of MS-CIT Admissions. This MFO may vary time to time.
  3. Once AO got approval for location then AO needs to pay Security Deposit amount to MKCL.
  4. This Security Deposit amount will be available to utilize for confirmation of MS-CIT, KLiC and Mastering admissions in ALC's SOLAR login after authorization
  5. ALC will not be able to apply for refund of the said security deposit amount through ‘advance refund facility’ of SOLAR.
  6. Once ALC utilize this amount completely then ALC can add more amount in SOLAR advance to confirm more admissions.
  7. ALC’s authorization period will be valid for one year i.e. till December 2022. ALC has to utilize this security deposit amount within this authorization period only.
  8. ALC will not be able to utlize remaining Security Deposit Amount after the completion of one year authorization period. MKCL will forfeit the remaining security deposit amount.
  9. Also, remaining Security Deposit Amount will not be carry forward for the next year.
  10. ** If Applicant Organization is educational institute (only for School & College) then there is no need to pay the Security Deposit.

3.Refund Process (In case rejection / incomplete application process):

  1. AO has to apply for 'Withdrawal' through CPN process.
  2. AO will get the refundable amount after deduction of processing fee & other requisite amount (If Any)
  3. Refundable amount will get processed through SOLAR & it will refunded to AO’s bank account through online refund application from SOLAR login.
  4. The bank account details provided by AO during application on SOLAR will be considered for transferring this refund.
  5. AO has to ensure the correctness of the filled bank account to get the refundable amount in due time.
  6. In case AO get rejected or want to withdraw in between the MS-CIT (before ALC code get generated), then their applicable refund amount will be processed within 3 to 4 months from the date of withdrawing/rejection from the registration process.
  7. MKCL will inform to eligible AOs to prepare center setup. In any circumstances, if any eligible AO will not prepare their center set up in due time, then AO will not get the refund of Rs. 12,500/- and that amount will get forfeited.
  8. AO will get the applicable refundable amount only in the account registered by AO at the time of registration process. MKCL will not make payment through other means like cheque, DD, etc.
  9. MKCL will not consider any other bank account for the refund process. MKCL will not be responsible for any wrong account details provided by AO in SOLAR login or rejection of payment due to the various reasons.
  10. Study Material Deposit (Rs.5,000/-): if any ALC who will not renewe for next calendar year then that center has to claim for the refund of Study Material Deposit within stipulated schedule.
  11. MKCL will not refund any amount (such as Processing fee, Registration Fee etc.) in case of AO become Authorized Learning Center (ALC).
  12. MKCL will not be responsible in delayed of payment due to rejection from bank. In such cases, it will take additional 1 month to process the refund subject to correct bank account details.