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Center Registration Process-2023

You can view step by step schedule in your SOLAR login.

Registration Schedule:

  • MKCL’s KLiC New Center Registration Process is an ongoing process.
  • While applying for this registration process AO should understand that, this process will remain operative for whole year 2023.
  • AO should have to decide from which batch s/he want to enroll admissions & apply accordingly.
  • It will take around 6 weeks to get registered as a MKCL’s KLiC ALC based on successful completion of all requisites.

So in this view following is the broader schedule for application process.

  1. Apply Online for NCR: By First week of each month
  2. Pay Registration Fee: By Second week of each month
  3. Pay Security Deposit: By last week of each month
  4. Prepare a Center Setup: By first week of consecutive month
  5. BDIP visit by second week of consecutive month
  6. Start Enroll Admissions: By third week of consecutive month