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Benefits to KLiC ALC

KLiC ALCs can run all MKCL’s KLiC Courses & Mastering offerings without any additional subscription fee.

KLiC Courses
Job Readiness
1 KLiC IT 2/3 months
2 KLiC ENGLISH 2/3 months
3 KLiC Office Assistance 2/3 months
4 KLiC Personality Development 2/3 months
Design Track
Sr. No. Course/Track Duration
5 KLiC DTP (CorelDRAW) 2/3 months
6 KLiC DTP (Adobe) 2/3 months
7 KLiC Web Designing 2/3 months
8 KLiC Graphic Designing 2/3 months
9 KLiC Photoshop 2/3 months
10 KLiC Video Editing 2/3 months
11 KLiC Content Illustration 2/3 months
Programming Track
12 KLiC Certificate in C Programming 2/3 months
13 KLiC Certificate in C++ programming 2/3 months
14 KLiC Certificate in SCRATCH Programming 2/3 months
Finance and Accounts Track
15 KLiC Tally (with GST) 2/3 months
16 KLiC Advanced Excel 2/3 months
17 KLiC Advanced Tally 2/3 months
Digital Arts Track
18 KLiC 3D Modelling 2/3 months
19 KLiC 3D Texturing and Lighting 2/3 months
20 KLiC AutoCAD 2/3 months
Hardware and Networking Track
21 KLiC Hardware Support 2/3 months
22 KLiC Network Support 2/3 months
23 KLiC Security Support 2/3 months
24 KLiC Desktop Support 2/3 months

Mastering Courses: No need to pay additional subscription fees for these courses

Offering Details
Mastering Computer Typing 1. Mastering Computer Typing (30 WPM) in English
Mastering Computer Typing 2. Mastering Computer Typing (40 WPM) in English
Mastering Computer Typing 3. Mastering Computer Typing (30 WPM) in Marathi
Mastering Computer Typing 4. Mastering Computer Typing (40 WPM) in Marathi
Mastering TET Mastering TET English/Marathi (Paper I)
Mastering TET Mastering TET English/Marathi (Paper II)
Mastering CTET Mastering CTET English (Paper I)
Mastering CTET Mastering CTET English (Paper II)
Mastering Computer Typing & Data Entry Mastering Computer Typing & Data Entry-English
Mastering Banking Mastering Banking-IBPS Clerk Exam
Mastering GATE Mastering GATE - CS&IT
Mastering GATE Mastering GATE - ECE
Mastering GATE Mastering GATE - Mechanical
Mastering MPSC PSI/STI/Assistant Mastering MPSC PSI/STI/Assistant
Mastering Police Bharati For Police Bharati aspirants
Mastering Scholarship For 5th & 8th Standard Students
Mastering SSC For 10th Standard Students

Potential Customers for all these offerings:

  • School Students
  • College Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Post Graduate Students
  • Professionals
  • House Wives
  • Senior Citizens

Deliverables from MKCL

1. Marketing (Designs)

  • Course Brochures
  • Counsellor Booklet
  • Flyer
  • Leaflets (A5 Sizes)
  • Posters(A2 Sizes)
  • Fascia Board
  • Sun pack Sheets
  • Rickshaw back panels
  • Syllabus Brochures
  • Marketing website: www.mkcl.org/marketing
  • Marketing Blog

2. Advertisements

  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • Television Advertisement
  • Radio Jingles

3. Technical Support

  • We have support system integrated in implementation partners’ login from where s/he can raise the issues which are directed towards concerned parties in MKCL. These issues are resolved within 3 days span.
  • Also there are various call centers of MKCL which receive calls for support. These support executives resolve the issue as and when they are reported and convey the status to partners through calling.

4. Academic Support

  • The content of all the courses is provided in hard disk as well as it is available for download at specific links
  • In addition to this there is KLiC Blog on which solution to all common issues, links for downloads, updates, etc. are available for the implementation partners
  • We arrange DC and VC sessions in case of important communications
  • Expert sessions for the implementation partners

5. Administration:

  • We have network partners for various technical, administrative, academic and marketing support