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A. Nomenclature:

1. What is Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd (MKCL)?
A. For more information regarding Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL), please click on following link: http://www.mkcl.org

2. What is Applicant Organization (AO)?
A. Applicant organization (AO) is the activity center who has applied online for KLIC center registration process defined by MKCL.

3. What is a Training Provider (TP)?
A. TP means the Empanelled Training Provider, as described and prescribed by GR no. Ma.TANTRA 3700(132/2000)/TE-3 dated October 03, 2000 and October 13, 2000, empanelled to establish and run the ALCs or the Training Provider empanelled by MKCL as per its norms from time to time.

4. What is Local Lead Center (LLC)?
A. Local Lead Center is appointed and authorized by MKCL as per its norms, for discharging certain responsibilities and carrying out certain activities on its behalf in the assigned geographical jurisdiction. For details about LLC please click here

5. What is a Regional Lead Center (RLC)?
A. Regional Lead Centre is appointed and authorized by MKCL as per its norms, for overseeing and coordinating the functioning of LLCs within its assigned regional jurisdiction and to discharge certain responsibilities on behalf of MKCL. For details about RLC please click here

6. What is an Authorized Learning Center (ALC)?
A. ALC is an Authorized Learning Center of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd which has configuration as per MKCL’s norms and is authorized to conduct MKCL’s KLiC course.

7. What is Urban/Semi urban Area?
A. If a particular Area is divided into several wards then that area comprising of all those wards under that particular area is called as Urban/Semi urban area. Urban/Semi urban are the areas where you can apply on the basis of your ward number and specific area name where you would like to register for authorization.

8. What is a Rural Area?
Any area other than an Urban/Semi Urban Area is considered a Rural Area.

B. Apply Online:

9. What is Apply Online?
A. By accessing URL www.mkcl.org/register, you can see the center registration home page. On this home page you have to click on Apply Online link. Applicant organization will fill the basic details. AO will get Applicant Organization (AO) login and password by clicking on the activation link received on email.

10. What is SOLAR login ID?
A. SOLAR login ID is the ID that will be used to get access to MKCL’s Online Business management framework and for submitting the required Information. That will be used as AO login ID.
* By virtue of getting Application ID and Password, does not mean that Applicant Organization has got MKCL's authorization.

11. What if I face any problems during KLiC New Center Registration Process?
A. Please contact the Training Provider selected by you details about TP please click here



C. TP Selection:

12. How can I choose my TP?
A. While submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI), AO should select the one of the TP from drop down list.

13. What are the criteria for AO's to apply under MKCL TP?
A. Educational Institution (which is recognized by the Board of Government of Maharashtra/ University/ College/ Polytechnic or School conducting regular full time courses (hereinafter collectively referred to as EI/s)) can select the MKCL as TP. Educational Institution can apply from Rural/semi-Urban/Urban. AO (other than Educational Institution) applying from rural area can select MKCL as TP.
If AO (other than Educational Institution) is applying from Semi-Urban/Urban then AO cannot select MKCL as TP.

14. Can I select more than one TP?
A. No, you can select any one Training Provider at the time of EOI submission.

15. What is ‘AO approval’ which is to be given by TP?
A. When you select your TP from your login; TP's will be able to view the list of all AO's who have selected that particular TP. If TP agrees that you have fulfilled all the necessary norms specified by MKCL, TP will recommend you from their login for the further process. If the application is rejected by the selected TP, then you can re-select the TP once again.

16. Can I Change a TP during any calendar year?
A. No, once you got TP approval, then you can’t change the TP.


D. Payment & Refund:

17. What is center registration fee?

For Non-Educational Institute:
• Rs. 4500/- towards Registration Fee (Refundable subject to rejection)
• Rs. 500/- towards Processing Fee (Non-Refundable)

For Educational Institute:
• Rs. 2000/- towards Registration Fee (Refundable subject to rejection)
• Rs. 500/- towards Processing Fee (Non-Refundable)

18. If my application gets rejected on the basis of inability to submit all necessary documents to LLC within stipulated date, how much amount is refundable?

  • Please click on the following link for the details. ‘KLiC 2024 Maharashtra - Registration Fee’ at (www.mkcl.org/register)
  • 19. If I get authorization for the year 2024 and if my center does not get registered in the year 2024, how much amount will be refunded?

  • No any amount will be refunded to ALC in such case. For more details see “‘KLiC 2024 Maharashtra - Registration Fee ’ at (www.mkcl.org/register)
  • 20. Is there any requirement to pay Security Deposit?

    A. Currently, AO does not need to pay any security deposit.

    21. Are there any other hidden charges?

    A. There is no other payment required apart from Registration fee.

    22. What is the Payment Process?

    Learner will pay fees to the ALC. While payment confirmation to MKCL, ALC has to pay MFO to MKCL through SOLAR. Example: If learner takes admission for KLiC Tally with GST Course then learner will pay Rs. 4000/- to ALC for Non MMRDA Region. (For MMRDA Region, Learner fee will be Rs. 4500/-). After this, ALC has to confirm payment of learner through SOLAR. For this, ALC has to pay MFO (MKCL Fees Only) to MKCL through SOLAR Advance Account. For KLiC Tally with GST MFO will be Rs. 800/- (without book).

    E. Center Setup:

    23. Do I need to show complete Center Setup (including IT Infrastructure -Computing Resources) at the time of online application?
    A. No, not required at the time of online application. MKCL will communicate to short-listed Eligible AO to create a Center Setup. Then, Only Eligible Applicant Organization (AO) has to create the Center Setup.

    24. What kind of Computing Resources and Computer Set up do I require?
    A. Minimum Computing Resources required: 1 Server + 2 Client (Min.)
    Please click on following link to know details about Computing Resources and Center Setup

    25. When does the Center Setup (including IT Infrastructure -Computing Resources) criteria need to be fulfilled?
    A. MKCL will communicate to short-listed Eligible AO to create a Center Setup. Then Only Eligible Applicant Organization (AO) has to create the Center Setup with given guidelines.

    26. What is Intake Capacity?
    A. Intake capacity is the capacity given by MKCL for registering the no. of learners in a particular batch of KLiC course.
    Intake Capacity depends on your computing recourses. AO will have to upload Server & Client details through WORM software. One Client Computer = 24 Learners

    27. Can AO use desk computers for creation of computer setup?
    A. Yes

    28. Can AO use Extenda setup for creation of computer lab?
    A. No

    F. Visit:

    29. What is a Business Plan?
    A. Business Plan is the projection/overview of your business including various analysis reports. AO need to fill business plan in detail and upload the same after become Eligible AO.

    30. What is the purpose of LLC and TP visit?
    A. By visit of LLC and TP, MKCL ensures that the information furnished by AO is true in all regards.

    G. Documents:

    31. Is PAN Card compulsory for finalization of KLiC Center in 2024?
    A. As mentioned in the process documents, PAN Card is mandatory for finalization of New Centers in 2022.
    However, AOs could upload any of the (mentioned) valid identity documents in the initial application phase. But in the later phase(s), PAN Card is mandatory.

    32. Is AADHAAR Card compulsory for finalization of New Centers in 2024?
    A. As mentioned in the process documents, AADHAAR Card is mandatory for finalization of New Centers in 2024.

    33. What are various documents that I need to submit?
    A. Please find details of required documents on our website. (www.mkcl.org/register)

    34. What is AutoCAD Design of center?
    A. AO has to submit the proposed center design in the form of AutoCAD Drawing (.dsw format) with correct dimensions. This drawing should have minute details about the center setup & need to show provision for all basic facilities required by MKCL in the center.

    35. If I get authorization for Calendar year 2024, then from which batch can I start registering learners for KLiC course?
    A. January 2024 Batch

    I. Rejection:
    36. On what grounds your application may get rejected?
    1. If you fill untrue/wrong information, your application may get rejected
    2. If TP does not approve your application on basis of MKCL norms.
    3. If mentioned fee is not paid within the stipulated dates.
    4. If LLC has rejected the application based on location provided by AO.
    5. If you do not submit documents related to address details within stipulated date to LLC
    6. If you do not prepare setup (Infrastructure and Computing Resource) as per norms set by MKCL
    7. If LLC or TP does not recommend you after their visit to your location based on incompliance of MKCL norms

    *Kindly note that MKCL shall be the final authority for Approval/Rejection of AO application and MKCL's decision shall be final.