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Business Potential Area / Open Area

  • Applicant Organization (AO) can apply for MKCL’s KLiC Center Registration Process (NCR) at his/her desired location.
  • AO has to decide this location depend on the business potential of that area & presence of Existing MKCL Centers in that area.
  • MKCL will check, verify & give the recommendation for the applied AO’s location based on following factors:
    • Existing MKCL Centers presence in that area
    • Existing MKCL Centers business catchment area
    • Business potential of that area
  • If Applicant Organization (AO) got MKCL recommendation for proposed AO location then it does not mean that they become MKCLs Authorized Learning Center for KLiC Course.
  • Applicant Organizations (AO) request to add any additional Business Potential Area will not be considered in any condition.
  • MKCL will finalize Business Potential Area based on market potential in that specific area. MKCL reserves right to confirm the Business Potential Area without giving any reason.